Chinese Concrete Pump 48m Hb48K Truck- Mounted Pump

China Concrete Pump Truck HB49K

one. Provider
The carrier is authentic 4-axle chassis imported from CZPT, Japan, created in accordance with large duty chassis and ideal for hard road circumstances of China design website. It complies with CZPT III emission regular.
two. Structural Parts
2.1 Positioning growth
The putting growth is designed with FEM evaluation and variable cross-section with equivalent power, light excess weight and each pivot is in optimized condition with better balance, so the inserting boom can be operated on slim development web site. 
two.2 Turntable
The turntable is plate body box sort framework the steel is from Sweden Weldox900E the higher is linked with placing increase, and the reduced related with swivel foundation through slewing ring It can swing ±270°.  
2.3 Swivel base
The swivel base is board frame box sort composition and adopts the substantial strength metal. Its higher part is linked with slewing ring and the reduced linked with sub-frame the rear stabilizer and its extension cylinder are articulated on the swivel base.
2.4 Stabilizer
The front stabilizers are “X” 2-phase telescoping type and the rear stabilizer are swivel sort, with the cross-part of box type strengthened composition.
two.5 Sub-body
The sub-body rear segment has catwalks the middle element connects with central pump drinking water tank and the rear connects with central pump hopper and upper/reduced and remaining/proper pedals the principal frame and sub-body are related with every other by connection elements which are welded to the sub-body and linked to the major body by substantial-strength bolts the sub-frame is divided into entrance and rear sections the center interval portion is employed for hydraulic piping.two.6 Hopper
The new kind hopper has large pipe and massive passing which can substantially minimize pumping resistance and enhance suction sufficiency and absorption performance. Delivery pipe
The passageway for concrete pumping adopts casted large use-resistance materials. With the inner surface higher-frequency quenched, it has a services life of 30,000m3.
three. Slewing Technique
3.1 Slewing ring
The slewing ring is one-row cross roller exterior meshed slewing ring, produced by HangCZPT Rothe Erde, and can swing 360° continuously the roller track is watertight and dustproof.
3.2 Slewing reducer
The slewing reducer is created by famous company (DINAMIC OIL, Italy) and functions compact construction, heavy load bearing potential and high electrical power driving efficiency.
four. Central Pumping System
The central pumping technique is composed of pumping cylinder, h2o tank, concrete delivery cylinder and other elements. The pumping cylinder, h2o tank, concrete delivery cylinder, hopper are mounted with each other by lead-screws and link bolts. Principal cylinder
The layout of major cylinder information sleeve seal adopts CZPT patented seal technological innovation, simple for assembly and disassembly the guide sleeve seal can be replaced with no need of taking away the principal cylinder and hence can lessen the replacing time greatly.
four.two Water tank
In the course of pumping operate, the h2o tank must be crammed up with h2o to awesome and lubricate the piston head the central pumping system is linked with the sub-frame through the h2o tank.
four.3 Concrete supply cylinder
The concrete supply cylinder is utilised to suck concrete from the hopper and then pump out to shipping pipe, and it has specific therapy on inside of surface area for large wear-resistance.
4.four S-transfer tube
It adopts floating seal structure and can compensate abrasion clearance routinely, with more time support daily life. The driving axle is produced of 38CrMoAl substantial toughness alloy steel dealt with by nitriding therapy, with characteristics of optimized structure, dispersed tension and long support existence.
4.5 Agitator
It is driven by solitary aspect motor. The motor’s assembling and positioning are ensured completely by machining tolerance of flange and axle, not by the adjustment of assembly. When replacement of blade and S-transfer tube demands dismounting and assembling the motor, the precision is very easily held as a result the motor shaking is avoided and the motor working dependability is enhanced.
five. CZPT Program
The pumping hydraulic program is the most recent shut consistent energy variable displacement method, with characteristics of much less stress loss, tiny heating, no influence in path change and smooth operation. The large-strain automated unloading program can immediately reduce pumping pilot force to 1MPa under and quit pumping when the primary pump oil stress exceeds 35MPa, which can lessen energy decline and method heating, in the meantime the pulse surprising strain can properly fix the pipe clogging.
The placing boom hydraulic method is variable displacement pump electro-hydraulic proportional remote control load sensitive system. The use of pilot pressure-relief harmony valve can make the procedure of placing boom much more practical, versatile, very good fantastic motion, considerably less electrical power loss, smooth perform and tiny vibration.
6. CZPT System
The machine has a color display which can dynamically display variable working parameters and genuine-time record various working histories and the features of fault warning and computerized cut-off.
The electric system is outfitted with HBC remote controller, effortless for carrying and running. It can realize distant control of multiple capabilities and increase usefulness of procedure meanwhile it has the industry’s distinctive step-considerably less distant handle of pumping procedure. 
The program can recognize automated control of engine rev and idle pace, with characteristics of power-conserving and automatic control of hydraulic oil temperature.
seven. Centralized Lubrication Technique
The imported progressive lubricating technique can give grease to each important lubricating point from point to point, by time and ration, which tends to make the automobile self maintain instantly and has a longer service daily life.
The lubrication stage: S transfer tube, agitating unit, pumping cylinder.
8. Cleansing Program
The outer organized drinking water tank can keep away from the absence of h2o on development web site the substantial-pressure h2o pump can facilitate right after-operate cleansing of pumping system, shipping and delivery pipe and all round vehicle.
nine. Radiator System
The radiator is driven by hydraulic motor and has an automated checking unit when the oil temperature reaches the system specified 55ºC, the radiator motor begins working to lessen program oil temperature, so as to make certain the regular function of hydraulic method and increase the provider life of hydraulic elements.
10. Security Protection Technique
1. Motor overload protection
The system has a energy limit valve when engine overload takes place, pump can routinely minimize shipping and delivery so as to steer clear of injury to the motor.
two. Engine lower pace safety
The system has no pumping operate when motor speed is reduced than 800rpm, so as to keep away from motor operating with load at lower speed, and prolong motor service daily life.
three. Principal pump overload defense
The technique has a pressure reduce-off valve the program strain will achieve the greatest when pump is clogged at this time main pump flow will immediately return to zero to steer clear of overflow warmth loss engine in minimal load point out and delivery pressure pulsation influence is straightforward to solve pipe clogging if it has no stress lower-off valve, the engine will be in max. load status and even shutdown, so as to reduce the motor services lifestyle.
four. CZPT oil automatic cooling
When hydraulic oil temperature reaches 55ºC, the oil radiator sensor instantly turns on the cooling fan to carry oil temperature down when the technique temperature reaches 90ºC, the principal pump sensor will cut off the pumping perform to safeguard hydraulic system.
5. Pump suction defense
When oil stage is also reduced or filter is filthy, a vacuum meter will give warning to remind you of adding oil or changing filter element, which can drastically decrease the possibility of pump suction and enhance the pump support life.
six. Agitator computerized reversion
Throughout agitating, if agitator blade is blocked by big stone, oil force will go up quickly the force relay switch sends a sign the solenoid change valve adjustments direction and the agitator motor turns in reverse path after 1s~3s delay for the impediment taken off, the electro-magnet resets and the agitating motor rotates normally, thus efficiently protect agitator motor and oil pump against damage.
seven. Automated centralized lubrication safety
  The lubrication system can use thin hydraulic oil for lubrication when customers overlook to refill lubricating oil.
8. Anti-tipping security
The digital amount meter and stress sensor installed can actual-time check the pump truck inclination modify and the controller can automatically examine inclination angle and stabilizer force and estimate the chance of overall equipment tipping in excess of when the longitudinal inclination exceeds 5° and lateral inclination exceeds 3°, or the inclination angle alterations quickly throughout pumping function, the controller will give a warning instantly.
The controller can also real-time monitor the drive acquired by each stabilizer. When the force utilized stabilizer is less than two, the controller can instantly send out a warning signal and restrict increase operation. Thus the protection and smart level of pump truck procedure are improved.


Product Parameters and Proportions
Total dimesions (L× W H) mm 12470×2500×3990
 Fuel sort   Diesel oil
Emission standard   NationalIII
Steering type   Steering Wheel
Quantity of axles   three
Wheel base mm 4500+1350
Tire specification   315/80R22.five
Wheel track (front wheel/rear wheel) mm 2034/1804
Total automobile kerb mass Overall mass kg 32870
Entrance axle kg 6870
Center/rear axles kg                            26000
Greatest whole mass Whole mass kg 33000
Front axle kg 7000
Middle/rear axles kg 26000
Seating capacity of the taxi Particular person 2
Method angle/departure angle   October 16
Maximum velocity km/h 80
Least ground clearance mm 300
Gasoline usage per hundred kilometers   40
Chassis Product   Actros 3341
 Manufacturer   Daimler
Motor Model   OM501LA·III/seventeen
output power kw/(r/min) three hundred/1800


Item Parameters
Theoretical conveying potential m3/h a hundred and seventy
Optimum distributing height                          m forty seven.5
Reachable distributing depth m 34
Concrete pumping stress MPa eight
Maximum diameter of concrete combination pumping mm ≤40
Concrete cylinder diameter/ stroke mm Φ260/2000
Filling height mm 1580
Bucket capability m3 .six
Concrete pumping slump scope cm 8~23
Slewing radius of distributor increase m forty three.5
Slewing angle of distributor increase   ±270°
Stretching angle of initial-segment boom   90°
Stretching angle of second-section boom   180°
Stretching angle of 3rd-section boom   180°
Stretching angle of fourth-part growth   240°
Stretching angle of fifth-area boom   210°
Stretching angle of sixth-segment growth   120°
 Outrigger span Longitudinal span mm 8955
Transverse span of entrance outriggers mm 7884
Transverse span of rear outriggers mm 9940
Relative slewing centre length of outriggers Transverse length of still left entrance outrigger mm 3942
Transverse distance of left rear outrigger             mm 4970
 Longitudinal distance of remaining entrance outrigger                      mm 3200
Type of reversing valve Skirt valve
Swing moments of swing pipe for each moment 23~26


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Chinese Concrete Pump 48m Hb48K Truck- Mounted Pump