Gxp75*100 Large Output Wood Chips Crushing Machine

Wooden hammer mill/ feed hammer mill/ straw hammer mill/ wooden chips crushing machine

GXP Series Hammer Mill can smash several sorts of uncooked components, this sort of as wood chips, rice husk, agricultural stalk pieces, shell or PVC. They are also extremely good at corn, sorghum, grain, legumes, broken cake pellet and other supplies.

The series hammer mill adopts steel plate jointing framework, motor and rotor are installed on the very same base, adopts dowel pin coupling transmission, equilibrium the rotor verify, can work be optimistic and unfavorable Procedure door interlocked security device to make certain that the operation doorway can not open. Feed-in orifice is in the prime of the crusher, can match a variety of forms of feeder establishments, hammer prepare for symmetry.

Realistic structure, resilient, risk-free, reliable Straightforward to work and install Micro-vibration and higher productivity.

Wooden hammer mill is also extremely effectiveness machine with tiny shakiness.

Wood Hammer mill crusher for wood chips/shavings, rice husk, stalk or other farm waste.
Hammers, sieve & axle are produced by CNC.


Design GXP65*27 GXP75*55 GXP75*seventy five GXP75*100 GXP75*a hundred and fifty
Diameter of rotor(mm) 650 650 650 1080 1080
Width of studio(mm) 275 405 605 405 605
Rotate speed (r/min) 2950 2950 2950 1480 1480
Spec of screener(mm) 1340×270 1340×400 1340×600 2730×400 2730×600
CZPT Velocity(m/s) 100 100 100 eighty four eighty four
Spec of hammer(mm) 180×50×5 180×50×5 180×50×5 180×50×5 180×50×5
Qty of hammer(pie) 24 48 72 seventy two 160
Connected power(kw) 22-37 37-fifty five fifty five-seventy five     ninety-a hundred and ten 160
Output(t/h)     .five-1 1-two one.5-two.5      2-3.5 3-five


Gxp75*100 Large Output Wood Chips Crushing Machine