Motor Nozzle  Coil Winding Ruby Nozzle

Motor Nozzle&lparRC571-2-1008&rparCoil winding Ruby Nozzle

Ruby Nozzle is produced of two main parts&comma stainless metal and the processed ruby&period of time It has been extensively utilised in CNC automatic winding machine&time period

Ruby tipped coil winding nozzle guides&lparruby nozzle&rpar are utilized on coil winding machines and cable devices for wire manual&period It is manufactured of stainless steel and ruby by exact processing and combination&period The rigidity of ruby is previously mentioned than stage nine and is just much less than that of diamond&interval Ruby tipped coil winding nozzle guidebook is a solitary crystal and can be produced with high brightness and cleanness&time period It can successfully shield paint film and lengthy term continual function&period of time

Ruby tipped coil winding nozzle guides Attributes&colon

one&interval Higher Use Resistance
This is confident by the selection of supplies for dress in aspects possessing&time period Hardness Worth&colon 1800 ~ 2200Vickers&comma or three times that of scenario hardened metal&period of time Physique substance is stainless steel for structural supports&comma not wear-bearing&interval

two&time period Scratch-Proofing
Remove wire insulation film injury&comma minimal friction resistance&comma steady wire rigidity&period The wire-guiding surfaces are mirror completed by diamond lapping to a surface area roughness of two -four micro inches Ra or better&comma material allow&time period

3&period Straightness and Stiffness
Straightness and Stiffness are described by the wire exit becoming concentric and inflexible with regard to the nozzle finding&quest &period of time In plain terms&comma the wire should exit from the nozzle concentric to the finding&quest To inside of &period02 mm&comma with or CZPT load&interval A geometric characteristic presentation is shown at higher remaining&time period Concentricity to in &period01mm&interval

4&period of time Specific Exit Radii
Since the coil winding nozzle’s Exit Radii governs the angle of the wire exit from one particular coil to the following&comma it ought to be monitored to &in addition &sol – &period571 mm&interval This is carried out by electronic measurement&comma demonstrated at upper correct&period of time

CZPTize CZPT by asked for&comma exterior diameter is ruled by nozzle wall thickness&time period See the measurements drawing to affirm your nozzles measurements according to your winding device and coil items&interval

Processing limit&colon D1&geq &period2mm&comma D1&geq &period6m&period of time

Series of repairing dimension Ø2
Serial Product Specification &lparmm &rpar
L L1 D D1 d1 d2 H
1 RC0326-two-1006 26 6 two 1&period0 &period3 &period6 N&solA
two RC0326-two-0806 26 6 2 &period8 &period3 &period6 N&solA
3 RC0330-two-0807 30 7 two &period8 &period3 &period4 N&solA
4 RC571-two-571 35 10 two &period8 &period3 &period4 N&solA
5 RC571-two-1008 35 8 two 1&period0 &period5 &period5 N&solA
6 RC571-2&period5-1411 35 eleven 2&period5 1&period4 &period5 &period8 N&solA
seven RC0336-two&period5-1011 36 11 two&period5 1&period0 &period3 &period6 N&solA
eight RR 0571 -two-1610 35 10 two 1&period6 &period6 &period8 N&solA
nine RS571-two&period5-1210 35 ten 2&period5 one&period2 &period5 &period8 N&solA
ten RC571-two-1208 30 eight two one&period2 &period5 &period6 N&solA
11 RS 0571 -2 thirty N&solA two 2 &period8 &period8 N&solA

Sequence of fixing dimension Ø3
Serial Design Specification &lpar mm &rpar
L L1 D D1 d1 d2 H
1 RC0330-3-1007 30 seven three 1&period0 &period3 &period8 N&solA
two RC0330-three-0807 thirty seven 3 &period8 &period3 &period6 N&solA
three RC0430-three-1210 thirty 10 three one&period2 &period4 &period6 N&solA
4 RC571-three-1311 30 11 3 1&period3 &period5 &period8 N&solA
5 RC0630-3-1511 thirty 11 3 one&period5 &period6 &period8 N&solA
six RC0323-3-1007P 23 seven 3 one&period0 &period3 &period8 16
7 RC571-three-1506P 11 6 three one&period5 &period5 &period6 five
8 RC571-three-1509P fourteen 9 3 1&period5 &period5 &period6 5
9 RC571-three-1006P 11 6 three 1&period0 &period3 &period6 5
ten RC571-three-1009P fourteen 9 three 1&period0 &period3 &period6 5
eleven RC571-three-1455 thirty 5&period5 3 one&period4 &period5 &period6 N&solA
12 RC571-3-1465 thirty six&period5 three one&period4 &period5 &period6 N&solA
thirteen RC0330-three-1535P thirty 3&period5 3 one&period5 &period3 &period5 thirteen
fourteen RC0330-3-1012 thirty twelve 3 one&period0 &period3 &period6 N&solA
fifteen RS0821-three-2015P 21 15 3 two&period0 &period8 1&period0 six
16 RC0615-3-1505 fifteen 5 three 1&period5 &period6 &period6 N&solA
seventeen RC571-3-2014 30 fourteen three two&period0 &period5 &period5 N&solA
eighteen RC0426-3-1208 26 8 three 1&period2 &period4 &period6 N&solA
19 RC 0571 -three-571 17 12 three &period8 &period3 &period4 N&solA
twenty RC571-three-1309 fourteen nine three one&period3 &period4 &period6 N&solA
21 RC571-3-1015 14 one&period5 three one&period0 &period3 &period6 N&solA
22 RR571-three-1003 fourteen 3 3 1&period0 &period3 &period5 N&solA
23 RC 0571 6-3-0805 18&period6 five 3 &period8 &period3 &period4 N&solA
24 RC0334-3-1035P 34 3&period5 3 one&period0 &period3 &period6 eight
25 RC1030-3-2514 30 14 3 2&period5 one&period0 1&period2 N&solA
26 RS0522-3-1608P 22 eight 3 1&period6 &period5 &period8 14
27 RC0422-three-1208P 22 eight 3 one&period2 &period4 &period6 14
28 RS1030-three-20145 30 fourteen&period5 3 2&period0 1&period0 1&period2 N&solA
29 RS08115-3-2006P 11&period5 6 three 2&period0 &period8 one&period1 five
30 RS15115-3P 11&period5 N&solA three N&solA 1&period5 2&period0 5&period5
31 RR08115-three-2055P eleven&period5 five&period5 three 2&period0 &period8 &period8 six
32 RR5715-3-2085P fourteen&period5 8&period5 three two &period8 &period8 6
33 RR15715-3 10&period5 N&solA 3 N&solA one&period0 one&period0 N&solA
34 RR1014-three fourteen N&solA 3 N&solA one&period0 1&period0 N&solA
35 RC1030-three-2013 30 13 three 2&period0 1&period0 1&period0 N&solA
36 RC 0571 -three-2520 twenty five 20 3 two&period5 &period8 1&period0 N&solA
37 RC0829-3-2015 29 15 3 2 &period8 one&period2 N&solA
38 RS0626-three-1420 26 20 3 one&period4 &period6 &period8 N&solA
39 RS0625-three-2520 twenty five 20 three 2&period5 &period6 &period8 N&solA
forty RC0430-three-1065 thirty six&period5 three one&period0 &period4 &period6 N&solA
41 RC0630-3-1465 thirty 6&period5 three one&period4 &period6 &period8 N&solA
forty two RC0545-3-1315 45 15 3 1&period3 &period5 &period6 N&solA
forty three RC571-3-1006 30 6 3 one&period0 &period5 &period8 N&solA
44 RC0630-three-1406 30 six three one&period4 one&period2 &period6 N&solA

Series of repairing dimension Ø4
Serial Model Specification &lpar mm &rpar
L L1 D D1 d1 d2 H
one RC0843-4-2014P 43 14 4 two&period0 &period8 &period8 twenty
2 RS0843-4-2014P 43 14 4 2&period0 &period8 1&period0 twenty
3 RC0330-4-1515 30 fifteen four one&period5 &period3 &period6 N&solA
4 RC0330-four-1415 thirty fifteen 4 one&period4 &period3 &period5 N&solA
5 RC0340-four-1006 forty 6 4 one&period0 &period3 &period6 N&solA
6 RC0330-four-1415 30 fifteen four one&period4 &period3 &period6 N&solA
7 RC1043-four-2514P 43 14 four 2&period5 one&period0 1&period2 twenty
eight RS1230-4-2515 thirty fifteen four two&period5 one&period2 1&period5 N&solA
9 RC0343-four-1006 forty three 6 4 one&period0 &period3 &period6 19
ten RS08285-4-2015 28&period5 15 four two&period0 &period8 1&period2 N&solA
eleven RS0643-four-1515 forty three 15 4 1&period5 &period6 1&period0 20

We supply other requirements and specific products in accordance to your request&period of time

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Motor Nozzle  Coil Winding Ruby Nozzle