NEMA 17 CNC Kit 2 Phase 1.8 Degree Stepper Motor for CNC Machine

2571 Wholesale Low Cost NEMA 17 CNC Package two Phase one.8 Diploma
         Stepper Motor for CNC Machine (42SHD5718A-17A-2)

Solution Information 

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Item Name
CZPT Stepper Motor
Proportions Nema8(20mm), eleven(28mm), 14(35mm), sixteen(39mm), seventeen(42mm), 23(57mm), 24(60mm), 34(86mm)
Step Angle
Diploma .nine, 1.two, 1.eight(Optional or CZPTized)

Up to three.11,, seventeen,  41, fifty six, 85, 113, 425, 
Rated Existing (A/Phase)
Common Applications Inject Printers, Analytical and Medical Instruments, Textile Gear, Embroidery Machine, Precision Telescope Positioning Programs, Substantial Velocity Dome Camera and Robotics

Item Exhibit

Casun ®  HYBRID STEPPER MOTOR 42SHD5718A-17A-two


Dimension: NEMA 17(42*forty two*40mm)

Characteristic: Substantial torque  Lower inertia   Low noise

The Outline Drawing of NEMA 17 Stepper Motor:

Casun ®  HYBRID STEPPER MOTOR 42SHD5718A-17A-2    
CZPT Specification CZPTal Specification
Phase Angle one.8° Rated Voltage 2.85V dc
Amount of Phase 2 Rated Recent 1.5A
Insulation Resistance 100MΩmin. (500V DC) Resistance per section one.9Ω±10%
Insulation Course Course B Inductance per Stage 3.8mH±20%
Rotor Inertia 57g.cm² Keeping torque 400mN.m
Mass .24kg Detent torque 22mN.m

A lot more Specification

Modle Keeping Torque Rated Present Resistance for each section Inductance per section



Rotor inertia



Motor Size
mN.m A Ω mH mN.m g.cm² No. mm
42SHD571 200 .seven 12 fifteen seven.five 20 4 26
42SHD0001 260 .four thirty 37 12 38 four 34
42SHD0002 280 .6 22 28 12 38 four
42SHD0009 200 .4 thirty 21 twelve 38 six
42SHD571 two hundred 1.two one.2 twelve 38 6
42SHD5712 four hundred .five 25 50 eighteen fifty seven four 40
42SHD5716 four hundred one. 4.five ten eighteen 57 four
42SHD5719 300 one.2 3.2 three. eighteen 57 six
42SHD0404 450 one.five two. 2.8 37 seventy two four 48
42SHD0441 420 one.two three.two six 37 seventy two 4
42SHD0801 600 one.five two. 3.two 42 102 four sixty

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NEMA 17 CNC Kit 2 Phase 1.8 Degree Stepper Motor for CNC Machine