NEMA 23 57 Hybrid Stepper Motor for Plastic Printing Machine

Solution Overview

Nema 23 57 hybrid stepper motor for plastic printing device

Solution parameters:



Temperature Rise

80C Max

Ambient Temperature

-20C Max~+50C

Insulation Resistance

100MΩMin, 500VDC

Dielectric Toughness

500VAC for 1 moment

Shaft Radial Enjoy


Shaft Axial Engage in


220Max.Radial Force

75N(20mm from th flange)

Max.Axial Power


Heat Suggestion:

Beneath only for the representative product, merchandise of specific requests can be made in accordance to the
customer’s request.

Model  Action Angle (degree) Rated Voltage (V) Rated Existing (A) Stage Resista
nce (Ω)
Section Inducta
Keeping Torque ( Detent Torque( Max) Rotor Inertia(g.cm2) Motor Duration (mm) Lead Wires No. Motor Weight      (Kg)
57HS41-2004 one.8 2 2 one one.2 3.2 210 120 forty one 4 .forty five
57HS41-1004 one.eight 5.4 1 5.4 9.five five.five 210 a hundred and twenty forty one 4 .45
57HS41-2004 one.8 two two 1 2.two 5 210 one hundred twenty forty one 4 .forty five
57HS51-1504 one.eight 2.four one.5 1.6 three.eight 8.two 360 275 51 4 .sixty five
57HS51-2004 1.eight 2.4 2 1.2 3 nine 360 275 51 4 .sixty five
57HS51-2006 1.eight two two 1 one.six 7 360 275 51 6 .sixty five
57HS56-1504 one.eight one.5 three.8 twelve thirteen.five four hundred 300 fifty six four .7
57HS56-2004 one.8 2.eighty five three .ninety five two.8 12 400 300 56 4 .seven
57HS56-2006 1.eight three.six two 1.eight two.8 9 400 300 56 six .7
57HS64-3004 1.8 3.nine 3 1.3 two.two 15 five hundred 380 sixty four four .8
57HS76-2004 one.8 eight.6 2 four.3 sixteen.two 24 680 480 76 4 1
57HS76-3004 one.eight three .9 3.five 20 680 480 76 four one
57HS76-4004 1.eight two.4 four .6 two.two 20 680 480 seventy six 4 one
57HS82-3004 one.8 four.two 3 1.4 five 22 seven-hundred 510 82 4 one.two
57HS82-4004 1.eight three four .75 three.5 20 700 510 eighty two 4 1.2
57HS100-3004 1.8 3 3 one four.five twenty five a thousand 680 100 4 one.4
57HS112-3004 1.eight 3.nine three one.3 six.five 30 1200 800 112 4 one.7
57HS112-3504 one.eight 2.45 3.five .seven 3 28 1200 800 112 4

Business Information
Our services
The stepper motor of our business has large working performance, minimal strength usage and reduced sound.
You can purchase it CZPT fear for the good good quality. CZPTers can ask for the design and generation of
products OEM and ODM orders are warmly welcomed.

Organization Introduction
ZheJiang Lunyee CZPT Co. Restricted firm is the identified top producer of industrial
humidification program in China. Our manufacturing unit has three huge workshops, covering 3,000 sq. meter
location. We have more than a hundred personnel, outfitted with a skilled R&D team, trustworthy personnel
and successful revenue provider group. Lunyee focuses on study and advancement and manufacture.
We assure outstanding quality, sensible costs, benefit services, search CZPT to your advice and
honest cooperation.
We provide:

one) stepper motor stepper driver large precision planetary gearbox (spur/helical gears) AC/DC equipment
motors, and stepper motors/drivers for servo systems.

2) CZPT bearings, guides & blocks for linear motion program.

three) Precision locking nuts and couplings in FA rotary/transmission areas.

Our products are broadly used to machine tools, industrial robot,textile machine,packing
device,meals equipment, medical equipment,CNC program and air problem and so on!

Packaging & Delivery
* When packaging, place the item in a personalized sponge pad, pack it in a carton, and then wrap it with tape

* It can also be packaged according to consumer needs


Q1: Do you offer you CZPT items?
A: Yes, CZPT orders are welcomed.

Q2: What variety of payment methods do you accept?
A: We settle for Alibaba trade assurance, T/T, Western Union a hundred% payment in advance for order
less $ten thousand, huge sum needed to be negotiated.

Q3: What information do we give when sending inquiry?
A: For AC or DC motors, it is essential to notify us rated power, voltage, output pace, keeping torque.

This fall: What about your guarantee?
A: Pursuing the user guide,1 12 months for traditional products. CZPT product requires negotiation.

NEMA 23 57 Hybrid Stepper Motor for Plastic Printing Machine