YCO2 Single Phase Electric Motor

Security Course: IP44/IP54/IP55 Cooling Type: IC0141
Insulation Class: B or F Operation Type: S1
Rated Voltage: a hundred and fifteen/230, 220V Rated Frequency: 60 Hz(50Hz)
Frame substance: Forged iron, cast aluminum and aluminium alloy (only used under one hundred)

CZPT Knowledge (220V/50Hz)

Type Electrical power Present
Power Issue
(cosΦ )
Hp kW
YC7112 one/4 .eighteen one.89 .seventy two sixty 2800 three. 7 1.8
YC7122 one/three .25 two.4 .seventy four sixty four 2800 three. seven 1.8
YC8012 one/two .37 3.four .seventy seven 65 2800 2.8 six.five 1.eight
YC8571 three/4 .fifty five 4.7 .seventy nine 68 2800 two.eight 6.five one.eight
YC90S-two 1 .seventy five 6.one .8 70 2800 3. six.5 one.8
YC90L-2 one.five 1.one eight.7 .eight 72 2800 2.five seven 1.eight
YC90L-2 2 1.5 11.4 .81 seventy four 2800 two.five seven 1.8
YC100L-2 3 2.two 16.five .eighty one 75 2800 two.2 7 1.eight
YC100L1-2 four three 21.88 .eighty two 76 2800 2.two six.eight one.eight
YC100L-two five 3.seven 26.sixty four .eighty two seventy seven 2800 2.2 six.4 one.8
YC112M-two 4 three 21.4 .82 76 2800 two.2 7 one.8
YC7114 1/6 .12 1.88 .58 fifty 1400 3. 9 one.8
YC7124 1/four .eighteen two.forty nine .62 53 1400 2.8 seven one.eight
YC8014 1/three .twenty five three.11 .sixty three fifty eight 1400 2.8 six one.eight
YC8571 1/2 .37 four.24 .sixty four 62 1400 2.five 6 1.eight
YC90S-4 three/four .fifty five five.five .69 sixty six 1400 two.5 6 1.eight
YC90L-4 1 .seventy five 6.9 .73 sixty eight 1400 two.5 6.five one.eight
YC90L-four 1.five 1.one 9.six .seventy four seventy one 1400 2.five six.five one.eight
YC100L-4 2 one.5 twelve.5 .seventy five 73 1400 two.five six.5 one.eight
YC112M-four 3 two.2 17.eight .76 seventy four 1400 2.2 six.5 1.eight
YC132S-four 4 three 23.6 .77 75 1400 two.one six.five 1.eight
YC132S-4 5 3.7 28 .79 76 1400 2.one six.five 1.8
YC132M-4 seven.5 5.5 32.five .95 eighty one 1400 two.one six.5 one.eight


Fast Particulars
Design Variety: YE2/YE3/NEMA/Y2/Y/YL/YC/YY/MY/MY/ML/MS
Sort: ac motor
Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz
Output Power: 0.09kw to 75kw
Shield Attribute: Totally Enclosed/Open
Section: Three-section/Solitary stage
Certification: CCC, CE, ROHS,CZPT
AC Voltage: 110V,220V,380V,415V,660V 
Spot of Origin: HangCZPT, China (Mainland)
Performance: IE3/IE2/EFF1/EFF2
Insulation course: Class B, F,H
Safety grade:IP22,IP44, IP55
Responsibility: S1,S2,S3
Mounting: B3,B14,B5,B35,B34 and so on
Cooling: ICO141
CZPTs: C&U,SKF,NTN,NSK    Products:Motors,also PumpsPackaging Information:Supply Element:

Cartons, Wooden crates, Pallets

CZPT Motors with CE
one) Utilizes IP55 enclosures 
2) Numerous toes locations 
three)Solid iron, Aluminum body, finish shields and base 
4) Substantial toughness cable gland 
five) Shaft crucial and protector supplied 
6) Outstanding paint finish 
7) Motors are produced to hefty responsibility provider factors 
eight) Can be made with stainless steel shaft
9) Motors created for constant S1duty,also okay with S2.S3 duty. 
10) Utilizes vacuum impregnated Class F/H insulation
eleven) High functionality and performance
 1) H2o, dust and vermin resistant
2) Quiet procedure
3) CZPTity conserving
four) Effortless installation (bolt on toes or brackets as required) 
five) Corrosion resistant
6) Reliable
seven) Exceptional daily life
8) CZPT in region, metropolis or manufacturing unit environments

Enclosure: IP22/IP44/IP54/IP55
Insulation: Course B, F,H
Operating Obligation: S1,S2,S3

WHY Choose US 
Stamping of lamination
Rotor die-casting
Winding and inserting – both handbook and semi-routinely
Vacuum varnishing
Machining shaft, housing, finish shields, and many others
Rotor balancing
Portray – each moist paint and powder coating
Motor assembly
Inspecting spare components every processing 1 by one
100% check after each and every method and last examination prior to packing. 
We supply standard merchandise to consumers.
We supply regular merchandise beneath customers’ brand names and packaging, etc
We have our own R&D departmen cant develop new merchandise in accordance to customers’requirements.
OUR Manufacturing facility Functionality
Total : workshop, laboratory and business office all building belongs to ourselves.
Workers: All with far more than eight many years expertise,and some with much more than 30years.expertise.
Engineers: 5  work in R&D and 6  in factory generation
Main marketplace: CZPTpe,Australia,South&North The united states,Africa,Asia,Latin..
Creation certification: Motors has been certificated in accordance to CZPT, TUV,  CE,  CCC,Our goods are made in accordance to RoHS and IEC common,NEMA regular..

YCO2 Single Phase Electric Motor