AC Drum Motor Tmx Series 138mm 550W

AC Drum Motor
TMX 138 S 370 4P 360 one.08 A T
Merchandise Code Drum Code Rated Electricity Capacity Section Quantity and Voltage Pole Number (AC) Drum Size CZPT Velocity Drum Form Drum Material
TMX – Oil Cold Overload Kind

DG – All-natural Cooling Sort

The diameter of the drum physique is indicated, this sort of as eighty, 113, 138, 165, 216, 320, etc. The rated power of the motor, these kinds of as 100W~5500W, is omitted in product W, and the digital representation is used. For example, 1100W with 1100 Stands for solitary-section 110V
C stands for single-period 220V
S stands for 3-section ac 220V
S3 signifies a few-period 380V
S4 represents three-phase 440V
V signifies non-standard voltage (voltage must be indicated when
V is present)
2P is the second pole
4P is the fourth pole
6P is the 6 pole
8P is the 8-pole
The actual duration of the cylinder is numbered and the device mm is omitted. For example, 350mm with 350 In accordance to the genuine linear velocity, the variety of device m/s is omitted. For example, .56m/s is expressed as .56 A – Cylindrical Drum Physique
B – Drum Drum Human body
The default T is carbon metal, not regular, other:
B3 – stainless steel 304
X – surface galvanizing
G – area hard chromium
J –  package deal use-resistant rubber

TMX138 Mechanical Parameters Of 3 Stage Drum Motor
Rated Electricity Motor Series Equipment Box Series Reduction Ratio i Rated Speed Rated Pace Rated Torque Traction Force Min Tube Length
KW RPM m/s Nm N mm
.fifty five 4 1 5 282 2.04 18 261 345
six.36 222 1.6 15 217
2 9.36 151 one.08 31 449 360
11.86 119 .86 39 565
thirteen.sixty eight 103 .74 45 652
17.seventy eight 79 .fifty seven 58 841
19.72 seventy two .fifty two 65 942
24.ninety eight fifty six .41 82 1188
28.83 49 .35 95 1377
37.48 38 .27 123 1783
forty seven.04 thirty .22 154 2232

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• 1995: Taibang Firm and the Ministry of Aerospace, Peking University,
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• 2000: Taibang recognized a branch in HangCZPT, ZHangCZPTg
• 2005: ZHangCZPTg Taibang Motor Sector Co., Ltd. recognized HangCZPT ZheJiang Condition-owned CZPT Co., Ltd.
• 2012: Proven ZheJiang Taibang Auto Co., Ltd.
• 2014: Accepted the new manufacturing facility internet site of the 2nd period of the HangCZPT National Financial Park in ZHangCZPTg Province,
               which is envisioned to be completed and put into procedure in 2018
• 2018:  A new a hundred and twenty,000 square meters automated generation base


AC Drum Motor Tmx Series 138mm 550W