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Eddy current brake/dynamometer Rated Energy Rated torque Rated pace Maximum rotational pace Turning inertia Greatest excitation voltage Maximum excitation Existing Cooling drinking water stress Movement of the cooling water
DWZ/DW-.75 .75 five 2000-2600 16000 .002 eighty three .one~.3 one
DWZ/DW-3 three ten 2000-2600 14000 .003 eighty three .1~.three 2
DWZ/DW-6 six twenty five 2000-2600 14000 .003 eighty three .1~.3 3
DWZ/DW-ten 10 fifty 2000-2600 13000 .01 eighty three .1~.three four.five
DWZ/DW-sixteen sixteen 70 2000-2600 13000 .02 80 three.5 .1~.3 six.5
DWZ/DW-twenty five 25 one hundred twenty 2000-2600 11000 .05 eighty three.five .one~.3 fifteen
DWZ/DW-40 forty a hundred and sixty 2000-2600 ten thousand .one 90 four .one~.three 25
DWZ/DW-63 63 250 2000-2600 9000 .eighteen ninety four .1~.three forty five
DWZ/DW-one hundred a hundred four hundred 2000-2600 8500 .32 one hundred twenty 4 .one~.three sixty
DWZ/DW-one hundred sixty one hundred sixty 600 2000-2600 8000 .fifty two a hundred and twenty five .one~.three a hundred
DWZ/DW-250 250 1100 2000-2600 7000 1.8 a hundred and fifty 5 .two~.four a hundred and eighty
DWZ/DW-300 three hundred 1600 2000-2600 6000 150 5 .2~.4 210
DWZ/DW-four hundred four hundred 2200 2000-2600 5000 three.6 a hundred and eighty ten .2~.4 300
DWZ/DW-630 630 3600 2000-2600 5000 five.3 a hundred and eighty ten .two~.four 450


The motor extensive functionality test bench is mostly utilized to take a look at the input voltage, input present (AC / DC), enter electric power, energy aspect (AC) of the motor output torque (rated torque, locked-rotor torque, commencing torque, optimum rotation) Second, and so on.), output velocity, output mechanical energy performance temperature rise, vibration, sounds, and so forth. Type check and manufacturing facility take a look at can be carried out to appraise the extensive functionality of the motor, and give accurate parameter basis for the research and growth, generation, servicing and field application of the motor. The complete motor overall performance take a look at bench can test all types of asynchronous motors, synchronous motors, permanent magnet motors, AC motors, DC motors, new vitality motors, etc.

This sort of motor take a look at bench is primarily composed of the motor beneath examination, torque pace sensor, simulated load (magnetic powder brake, eddy present brake, hysteresis brake, motor, and many others.), installation platform, connecting fixture, measurement and control technique (instrument, application, and so on.), electrical Management method and other components.

The examination approach can be loaded manually or instantly, the check outcomes can generate CZPT take a look at studies, curve charts, and so forth., the procedure info can be generated in Phrase, Excel, or PDF structure files, and the data can be saved, edited, and printed. The take a look at method interface is basic, effortless to update and maintain. The business trains the running personnel free of charge of cost to supply advice for use and servicing.

Users can select test items in accordance to particular requirements:

Effectiveness take a look at Load check

Locked rotor take a look at

No-load take a look at (calculation of a few-section current unbalance)

Temperature increase examination (vibration, sound, etc.)

DC resistance measurement (calculation of three-phase resistance unbalance)

Insulation resistance measurement

Electricity frequency endure voltage test

Flip-to-turn voltage check

Groove torque check


Certain take a look at objects can be communicated or CZPT by each functions, technical support phone 

On behalf of customers: ABB, Siemens, Tamagawa, Aerospace Science and Sector, HangCZPT Motor Manufacturing unit, and many others.

Lanmec Technology’s a variety of test benches, dynamometers and other customers are found in aerospace, aviation, ship parking, weapons, petroleum, scientific investigation units, schools and universities, testing establishments, and so forth., and are exported to the United States, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Chile and India Region, welcome to get in touch with us!

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DWZ disc eddy present brake is primarily utilized as load in loading dynamometer equipment. it is experimental apparatus which can evaluate the dynamic mechanical homes, specifically in dynamic loading take a look at whose power benefit is tiny or tiny, also can be treated as suction electrical power devices of other dynamic units. 

DW collection disc eddy current dynamometer is, is that insert device for measuring torque and rotational velocity on DWZ series disc eddy current brake, it is experimental equipment which can measure the dynamic mechnical houses, especial in dynamic loading test whose electrical power price is little or small.

CW eddy existing brake as a load is mostly used to evaluate the mechanical qualities of inspection products, it and other control instrument (including loading apparatus, torque pace sensor and torque electricity acquisition instrument and so forth.) can be composed of eddy current dynamometer can be used for functionality screening of the inside combustion engine, motor, gasoline turbine, vehicle and its dynamic mechanical components, in contrast with other energy measuring system, the CW sequence electrical power measuring unit has the benefits of trustworthiness, high balance and practicability.


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Motor Test Bench Dyno Machine Dyno Test Alternator Testing Machine